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Traffic Violations Attorneys in Bakersfield, California

Slapped with A Traffic Violation? Challenge the Evidence Against You.

Retain a Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Bakersfield & Lamont, CA

The Underwood Law Firm will take on any client who is facing a traffic violation. Ticketing without proper evidence is rampant throughout the U.S., and we're dedicated to upholding the rights to fair representation. If you've been charged with driving without a license, contact us immediately to retain a traffic ticket lawyer for your case in Bakersfield, CA.

Skilled Legal Guidance

Your traffic ticket lawyer can help you build the following defenses:

  • The driver was a visitor to California who holds a valid license in their state or country

  • The driver was legally exempt from having to have a license

  • The defendant was not driving

  • The defendant had a driver's license not in their immediate possession

Call today for help defending yourself against Vehicle Code 12500 in the state of California.

Caught Driving On A Suspended License?

You Need a Traffic Violation Lawyer

Driving on a suspended license can result in serious consequences, including a jail sentence and fines. If you've been charged with Vehicle Code 14601 in the state of California, a traffic violation lawyer can help you defend your case. We can argue that:

  • You were unaware of your license suspension

  • The original suspension was invalid

  • You had the right to drive under your suspended license

We have the experience and skills in court to keep the law on your side. Hire a traffic violation lawyer from the Underwood Law Firm today.