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From the very beginning John went above and beyond and made me feel at ease when I was charged with a DUI. He was able to get it reduced to a wet reckless! If you are looking for a great attorney who will really fight for you and make you feel like family, John is your guy!

- Jessica H.

Gave them my paperwork and they worked magic. I received an incredibly lesser charge than I should have, all thanks to John Underwood and his team. They did everything they could for me and I am so thankful.

- Abri P.

Great experience!! I loved that they answered all my questions thoroughly and quick. They made sure to take care of everything for me and were upfront would highly recommend this law firm especially if you don't live in the area and need good representation. I was able to get my speeding ticket reduced to just a fine, no point !!

- Teddy T.

I can not say how grateful I am for reaching out to the law offices of John and Keri Underwood. They are professional, smart, and get it done. I couldn't have been more pleased with the representation I received. Kari handled my case and kept me informed and managed to get one ticket dismissed and a huge reduction in fine on the second. My DL had been suspended, but Kari managed to get the restriction off so I could have it reinstated. Stellar work!

- Ben V.

This review is well deserved by these guys. John and Kari are hands down the best attorneys I could have gotten for my DUI and in my situation, it was a pretty complicated situation, they fought for me and kept me out of jail even when that's all the court wanted. They are patient and always glad to help out. Very friendly, upfront, honest and loyal attorneys. ANY TIME time you need help with DUI or traffic case. These good people are the ones who will give you the best possible outcome, hands down, UNDERWOOD LAW FIRM IS THE BEST IN TOWN!! It doesn't get any better than these folks so don't hesitate to contact them with your situation!!!!

- Joey W.

Definitely an experience professional/ professionals. I believe I sent an email requesting help from Mr. Underwood's Law Firm; the following morning I received a phone call from Mr. Underwood himself. I explained the situation I was in and what kind of help I was looking for. He was more than happy to accept my case. Thanks to Him, and Miss Underwood, and their Law Firm my case/charges we dismissed.

- Gilberto R.

Very professional, got all of my legal matters handled, and I could not have been happier with the result. I would recommend anybody to use attorney Underwood. I am beyond relieved that I chose him to represent me.

- Heather C.

what was going on. Mr. Underwood was able to get my case fully dismissed. Mr. Underwood was very patient, professional, and understanding. His office was very open whenever I had questions. Thank you Underwood Law Firm!

- James D.