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DUI & Traffic Violation Attorneys in Bakersfield, California

The Underwood Law Firm is dedicated to helping individuals in the Bakersfield and Kern County areas of California defend themselves against driving violations, including DUIs, vehicular manslaughter, and traffic citations. We offer individualized counsel to seek favorable outcomes for every client.

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Attorneys John & Kari Underwood

The Underwood Law Firm

As a husband and wife team, we run a family-style firm that puts the interests of our clients first. Our legal experience can make a tremendous difference in the outcome of your traffic violation, no matter your unique circumstances.

We provide personalized service because we are both local enough and small enough to embrace everyone who comes to us for help in preserving their driving privileges. We will listen to you, pursue answers, and fight for your rights.

Attorney Mr. Underwood & Attorney Mrs. Underwood

Do I Need Legal Help With a Traffic Violation?

If You Want to Keep Your Auto Insurance Premiums Down & Your Driving Privileges Intact, the Answer Is Yes.

Even a minor traffic violation can increase your insurance premium. More serious charges like a DUI or vehicular manslaughter can result in the loss of your right to drive. Your ability to make a living may be in jeopardy. Protect your future.

How the Underwood Law Firm Can Help

  • We Will Investigate Your Unique Case

    The police and prosecutors don’t always get the facts right or make justified arrests. We will investigate the details of your situation and ascertain the facts to challenge the case against you.

  • We Will Develop a Solid Defense Strategy

    Armed with what we uncover during our investigation, we will craft a defense approach that will challenge what the police and prosecutors are alleging, improving your odds of a better result.

  • We Will Fight for Your Rights & Your Future

    Through the years, we have been successful at getting charges reduced or penalties lowered. We will exert every effort to help preserve your driving privileges for the sake of your livelihood.

Let’s Protect Your Driving Record & Privileges

Put Your Case In Our Hands

Strong Representation

You have a lot riding on your case. We understand that and we will work tirelessly to fight for your best interests as we work with you to pursue the most favorable outcome.

Personalized Solutions

We know that no two clients or their cases are exactly alike. That's why we focus on providing each individual client with the customized support and attention they deserve.

Clear Communication

Maintaining strong relationships with our clients is important. We're here to answer all of your questions and explain all of your available legal options during the process.

You Don’t Have to Face it Alone Or Accept Your Fate

Your first impulse in the face of a traffic violation may be to throw in the towel, thinking the odds are stacked against you. They certainly are if you give up without a fight. Let us at the Underwood Law Firm work with you to pursue favorable results. We have the experience and resources you can rely on.